About our Fishes

Here at Fish Tastic, we have every kind of fish. Whether it'd be Marine, tropical or cold water fish, we have all of them. With the expertise of our fish vets, we ensure that every fish we sell is in perfect health condition by having strict protocols towards the health and sales towards our fish. Our employees here at Fish Tactic will not put on sale fishes who we have not made health check-ups. We have many of our trusted sources for our fish but most of our fishes are from our very own fish farm.

Our Fish Farm

We realize the importance of quality in our product and therefore we have our very own fish farm to breed top quality fishes. We have staffs who are experts in pisciculture and doctors who check-up on the fishes' health regularly ensuring the quality of the fishes so that you, the customer, will be satisfied with our final product. Our farm's size is three acres making it easy to breed multiple species resulting in more variety in our products and still ensuring the perfect quality for the perfect customer.