Fish Food

fish flakes

Fish Flakes

Keep your fishes from starving by feeding them these easy to eat fish flakes which are suitable for almost all types of fish!

algae wrap

Algae Wrap

Treat your fishes with these exotic delights straight from the sea! Your fish will appreciate the taste of home

gummy worms

Gummy Worms

An alternative to real worms which are just as good! Have a worm or two, and treat your fish!


Pet Treats

beef strips

Beef Strips for Dogs

Give your dogs the treat they've always wanted. Juicy right to the end!

canned fish

Canned Fish for Cats

The most popular cat delicacy aside from cat food. Smells fishy, meow!

food pellets

Food Pellets

Be it rabbits, guinea pigs, or hamsters, these pellets satisfy all!


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